Homegrown seed investor offers funds, guidance for Jordanian innovators


VIDEO: Oasis500

With USAID support, Oasis500, the country’s first-of-its-kind seed investor and a model for others throughout the region, has implemented 11 boot camps with 240 entrepreneurs, held seven investment events with new investors; and conducted one national entrepreneurship competition, where around 300 applicants participated. Oasis500 has also conducted a fundraising training session and concluded 30 different awareness sessions. All told, these efforts have paid off through more than three-quarters of a million dollars invested in 15 startups and leveraged a quarter-million dollars through follow-up investment.

INFOGRAPHIC: Jordan’s Startups are Stepping Up

Oasis500 Infograph.jpg

This infograph highlights key outcomes of the project's support to early stage seed investment company Oasis500, which has launched 43 start-ups with USAID support. All told, these efforts have paid off through more than $4 million in investment, which in turn have created 110 new jobs across the supported start-ups. JCP's grant to Oasis500 included budgetary support and technical assistance, making possible 11 boot camps and 13 investor days, which, together, attracted more than 2,000 entrepreneurs. Of these, 300 aspiring entrepreneurs participated in an Oasis500 national competition aimed at identifying a new crop of start-ups slated for support beyond the life of JCP. The program's focus on sustainability extended to its support for fundraising training, which equipped start-up founders with the knowledge and skills to seek new funding from external investors. For more on USAID's support to Oasis500.