Our Work

The USAID Jordan Competitiveness Program (JCP) works with policymakers, business associations, and the private sector to: 1) draft and advocate for enabling legislation and regulation; 2) leverage these policy interventions to stimulate exports and attract foreign direct investment, especially to Jordan's specially designated development zones; and 3) ensure that these investments result in employment opportunities for Jordanians and, where appropriate, other residents of the Kingdom.

To these ends, JCP works closely with other USAID programs and relevant Government of Jordan entities to identify investment opportunities made possible by the Jordan Compact—which includes, among other stipulations, relaxed rules of origin for Jordanian exports to the European Union. By coordinating closely with the Compact's Program Management Unit (PMU), which is housed at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, JCP seeks to add value to the current efforts of the broader donor community.

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