Long Term Employee - Scope of Work

Position Title: M&E and Reporting Officer

Reporting: M&E and Reporting Specialist

Period of Performance: LTTA

Location: Amman-Jordan


The London Conference held on February 4, 2016 brought together various governments to adopt a new Compact between the Government of Jordan and the international community. The Compact summarizes a number of commitments made by the GoJ and the international community. As a result of the conference, international donors committed to support Jordan’s Response Plan, in addition to ensuring sufficient mobilization of grants to the education sector. Additionally, the Jordan Compact requires extensive coordination and accountability from the GoJ to deliver on key indicators in return for substantial financial support and market access.

These requirements will place a considerable workload on Jordan’s Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation (MoPIC). Therefore a Project Management Unit (PMU) was established to provide MoPIC with the needed capacity to implement the Compact. Specifically, the PMU will lead activities required to implement the key reforms noted in the Jordan Compact, carry out its responsibilities toward the international community, and assist MoPIC to manage a World Bank Program-for-Results (PforR) to create economic opportunities for Jordanians and Syrian refugees.

In October 2017, H.E. Minister of MoPIC requested that the PMU take a leading role in the design process of a Five Year Growth Matrix to boost growth and generate jobs in Jordan. The GoJ and MoPIC recognize the Five Year Growth Matrix as the second phase of the Jordan Compact, as the country transitions from resilience to growth. The PMU has also been mandated to coordinate the implementation of the Matrix, as part of an official governance structure to be agreed on before launching the Matrix.

To this end, the PMU aims to recruit a Communications and M&E Officer. 


The Communications and M&E Officer will support all monitoring, evaluation, communications, and reporting functions at the PMU. S/he will work closely with the M&E and Reporting Specialist on all associated tasks. The M&E and Reporting Officer will also support the PMU’s Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, including the data collection and reporting process. S/he will regularly monitor PMU and Jordan Compact and Five Year Growth Matrix activities/achievements/challenges.


S/he will be responsible for, but not limited to, the following:


·         Support the development and implementation with relevant stakeholders of the PMU’s overall M&E strategy.

·         Contribute to the regular reporting efforts (monthly, quarterly and annual).

·         Support regular reporting and analysis of metrics to PMU leadership and MOPIC, flagging any possible delays in planned activities.

·         Assist with regular bi-weekly, monthly, or when requested updates to the PMU action plan and work plan

·         Draft and/or edit internal briefs or other internal communication pieces as needed

·         Along with the Communications and M&E and Reporting Specialist, monitor and report on the progress made against the Jordan Compact World Bank PforR, Five Year Growth Matrix and the Development Policy Loan goals and objectives.

·         Collect articles, case studies and best practices across different projects implemented by the PMU.

·         Collaborate with the technical team to collect information as needed.

·         Other tasks as requested by the PMU Director and the M&E and Reporting Specialist or his/her designee.


Minimum Qualifications for the PMU M&E and Reporting Officer:

·         Higher education degree.

·         Experience in monitoring and evaluation and communications, preferably with large international projects.

·         Exceptional writing and editing skills with ability to write for multiple audiences and to support multiple modalities.

·         Highly motivated with excellent interpersonal and team skills.

·         Demonstrated skills with a variety of computer programs to produce professional quality communication materials.

·         Previous experience with international donor agencies including but not limited to DFID, USAID, and World Bank (preferred).

·         Command of graphic design software, including Adobe Suite, Illustrator, in addition to PowerPoint and others.

·         Demonstrated skills with a variety of computer programs to produce professional quality communication materials.

·         Fluency in both English and Arabic.

* Please submit your CV to jcp_recruitment@dai.com  no later than October 18, 2018.  Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.